Solar Cleaning in Kansas City

Solar Cleaning


Solar Cleaning in Kansas City


Ever thought about Solar Cleaning? Solar energy has become a popular source of renewable energy in recent years. However, the performance of solar panels can be greatly reduced if they become dirty or covered with debris. This is where  solar cleaning comes in, as it is important to keep the panels clean and functioning optimally.

Benefits of Solar Cleaning:

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency: Solar panels that are dirty can reduce the amount of energy they produce by as much as 25%. Regular cleaning helps maintain the panels’ efficiency and performance.
  2. Prolonged Panel Life: Dust, grime, and other contaminants can cause damage to the panels over time, reducing their lifespan. Cleaning helps to prevent this damage, preserving the panels for longer.
  3. Increased Savings: With improved efficiency and a longer lifespan, cleaning your panels regularly can lead to significant savings over time.

    Solar Cleaning
    Solar Cleaning reverse osmosis and deionized water filter!

Solar Energy has many benefits, they all come down to the efficiency and production of the units! Solar cleaning allows the solar energy to produce their expected and full potential output!

Methods of cleaning:

  1. Manual Cleaning: This involves using a ladder, a soft brush, and a cleaning solution to remove dirt and debris from the panels.
  2. Using pure water to clean. (This is our preferred method as it does not use any chemicals and mitigates any risk of damaging panels). Pure water is a process used through reverse osmosis and deionized water to filter out total dissolved solids (TDS) out of the water. TDS are the parts of water responsible for leaving streaking on glass. Pure water cleaning uses water fed poles with specific brushes for glass that agitate and remove all dust/debris/other from the solar panels whilst constantly flushing with pure water. This leaves a streak free, shiny glass every time. While removing risk from getting harsh chemicals on the panels.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Cleaning Method:

  1. Accessibility: The method you choose should be able to reach all parts of the panels, including those that are difficult to access. If your roof is steep, or tall. It can be dangerous to try to clean yourself, and may be a better idea to call professionals in your area. An easy way to find a trusted solar panel cleaning company would be to search for solar cleaning near me. Look through some of their reviews and make sure that they are taking the correct approach to clean your solar panels safely, and effectively!
  2. Weather: It is important to be aware of the weather, here in Kansas City it gets scorching hot in the summer. So you would not want to put cool water on the glass in the middle of the day. It is recommended to clean solar panels in the morning or evening when it is an especially warm day.

Solar Washing

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the performance and efficiency of solar panels. With the right method, you can enjoy the benefits of clean solar panels, including improved energy efficiency, prolonged panel life, and increased savings. When choosing a solar cleaning method, it is important to consider factors such as safety, weather, and accessibility! If you are in doubt, calling a solar washing company is always a great option. Taking care of your solar panels can increase the longevity and keep them running optimally!


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