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Kansas City Pressure Washing

Kansas City is our home! We absolutely love this area and want our business to have a positive affect on the Metro, one house at a time! Pressure Washing and Soft-Washing can often be over looked or thought of as not needed. It really does boost your home’s curb appeal and makes it look great, but also has benefits that go beyond appearance. Algae and bacteria grow on your home’s siding and roof and can cause damage over time and shorten the life span of the materials and eventually lead to over problems. Not to mention attract rodents and other unwanted pests! we want to be the go to guys for all pressure and soft-washing in Kansas City. Please give us a call at Edwards Pressure Washing for a quick and easy free quote.

Gutter Cleaning Kansas City

Gutter Cleaning is something that left unaddressed can unfortunately lead to many costly problems, quick. Here at Edwards Gutter Cleaning we are your local gutter cleaning guys, so we know how crazy this Kansas City weather can get. When you combine that with the amount of trees that we have, it can easily cause other problems to arise. That is where we come into play! We will make sure your gutters are cleaned and downspouts flushed, looking as good as ever to protect your home from any water damage. Call us today at Edwards Gutter Cleaning for a quick and easy free quote.

Kansas City Window Cleaning

Looking for a trustworthy Kansas City Window Cleaning Company? Our window washing services at Edwards Gutter Cleaning is here for you! Our team of professionals will carefully clean your windows, removing dirt, grime, and streaks to leave them sparkling and crystal clear. Not only will this enhance the curb appeal of your property, but clean windows also allow more natural light into your home or office, creating a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere. We use a pure water reverse osmosis system to remove all of the total dissolved solids in the water to clean your windows with the purest water, and leave the best shine! We want to wash everything on your house! If you are searching for window cleaning near me, give Edwards gutter Cleaning a call!

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About Us

We are a locally owned business. Mason started prior to his freshman year of college cleaning all his grandma’s neighbors’ gutters. Throughout college he continued to grow and expand this company as his knowledge of gutter cleaning and the industry grew. Upon graduation from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk) he decided to take his business degree and use that to help him expand this local gutter cleaning business! Overland Park gutter cleaning is where we started, and have since expanded to the whole metro! Our company now offers a variety of services like pressure washing, house washing, soft washing, roof washing, and even more.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Mason is very professional, always dependable and does a marvelous job of gutter cleaning. Sends pictures when he’s completed the job. You won’t and can’t go wrong using this company.
Carolyn H.
For the past two years, Mason has consistently performed excellent gutter cleaning service for my home. Highest recommendation of Mason's services to others. Looking forward to seeing Mason next Spring & Winter!
Chris G.
It was a pleasure doing business with Mason. He responded to my message promptly, gave me an estimated date & time he could come to clean my gutters, and then checked back with me to confirm. He arrived on time, finished quickly, and left the area amazingly clean considering my second-story gutter hadn't been cleaned in a while.
Jean S.

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Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Edwards Gutter Cleaning

Is Pressure Washing only for looks?
It ABSOLUTELY does look amazing, but that is just one of the many benefits.
Prevent Damage – Keep bacteria from overtaking and deteriorating the surfaces you want to keep in the best condition possible.
• Safety & Hygiene – Pressure washing your driveway and walkways helps keep the outside of your home safer and more hygienic.
• Save Money – Maintain your surfaces to help avoid having to repair or replace them which can end up costing you more money in the long run.
Will the High Pressure Damage My Home?

High Pressure can definitely cause harm to your home’s siding or roof. This is why Edwards Pressure Washing has invested into a great soft-wash system that allows us to transform your home, without using a high pressured hose.

Are the chemicals safe?

We take extra precaution to make sure we are using the right soaps and chemicals for your exact house and exterior. We also make sure to rinse off with solution to make sure to protect all surfaces!

How do you clean out the gutters?

Safety is our first priority, so the method could change depending on the house. Typically though we clean out by hand and bag all of the nasty debris. Then we make sure all of the downspouts are flushed with high pressured water.

How do we know they are actually clean

We never want our quality of work to come into question. So we always try to provide the homeowner with some photos afterwards showing their freshly cleaned gutters!

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