How often should I clean my gutters?

Kansas City Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Semi-Annually

Pushing off cleaning your gutters is something that happens far too often. Unfortunately if homeowners take the approach of “lets do it next year” far larger issues can arise. Gutter cleaning is a service that needs to happen at least semi-annually, and in some areas of Kansas City we recommend cleaning them out more. Failing to stay on top of this maintenance within the exterior home cleaning can cause many problems. Foundational issues, roof/fascia damage, leaking in basement or ceiling, are just a few.

Edwards Gutter Cleaning recommends to all clients to clean out their gutters in the fall and spring. We also urge customers to keep an eye out and if they ever see any time of water overflowing. Do not wait any longer and call us soon, to prevent any other type of water damage. The costs of routine gutter cleaning is a drop in the bucket compared to the damage that water can cause to a home!

Fall Gutter Cleaning

Fall cleaning is important because we need to make sure the gutters are free from all of those Kansas City leaves that fall into late December. As we all know, the mid-west weather can be unpredictable and the amount of snowfall and ice in the winter can be quite high, and hit out of no where. When gutters are clogged, there is no where for the snow to melt, except for into the filled up gutters. Melted snow (water) and then refreeze, the weight of it can often pull the gutters off the house and cause even more damage.

Spring Gutter Cleaning

Spring Cleaning unfortunately is where we seem to get the most panic calls. The “I am getting leaking in my basement and need you to come now” call seems to happen daily in the spring. With the amount of downpour we get in the spring in Overland Park and all of Kansas City, that seems to highlight the amount of clogged gutters we have. We encourage all home owners to stay ahead of this. Approach it from a preventative maintenance point of view. Gutter Cleaning is essential to your homes health, and we are here to help the Kansas City area in that way.