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Home Improvement Kansas City – Top Four Ways to Boost Curb Appeal


Home Improvement seems to be a never ending task in the day and age that we live in. Whether you are preparing to sell your home soon and wanting to boost it’s value, or even just want to make your home stand out. We have carefully researched and gathered our 5 Top Ways for Home Improvement. Roof Washing, House Soft-Washing, Concrete and driveway Cleaning, and Gutter Cleaning can all transform your home within a single day! Don’t believe us? We can let the photos speak for themselves.

Roof Washing

Roof Washing is one of the easiest ways to boost the curb appeal, and do quick home improvement. Next time you are driving through your neighborhood, take a look at the house’s roofs. More often than not there are a few houses with very unsightly black streaks covering their roofs. This is actually a bacteria, growing and infesting their roof called Gloeocapsa Magma. This is a type of algae that grows on roofs,

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specifically in warmer and more humid areas. Typically, you can see this algae growing on parts of your roof that do not get as much sunlight as others. Not only does this give off a sense of neglect on your home, but also can lead to bigger problems later on. This bacteria can continue to grow and deteriorate your roof and shorten the lives of the shingles. This is an easy red flag for anyone looking at buying your home, and is often a sign that there

House Washing

The difference that we have seen on some houses after a good wash is night and day. Dirt, algae, bacteria, and mold can grow and take over a homes siding. It is recommended to use a soft-wash method on cleaning the majority of the types of siding. This should be done by an experienced professional and is achieved by spraying a mix of solutions and soaps on a house with a low powered system. When correctly done a lot of the growth on your home will be killed and return to looking clean and upkept! Not to mention that bacteria can damage the siding and lead to infestation, rotting, and cracking of the siding!


Concrete/Driveway Cleaning

This is a very quick and simple process. Your local professional pressure washing company can handle this in a couple hours or less with the correct equipment and knowledge. Pressure washing concrete and driveways can really make the exterior of your home pop. It brightens up everything around your house and gives it a very fresh look. Also the discoloration and  buildup on your concrete can make it much more slick, especially in the different seasons and elements. This type of service is an extremely cost-effective method of reviving your homes concrete.

Gutter Cleaning

This is something that is overlooked way more than most. Gutter Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your home. Lack of gutter cleaning can lead to foundation issues, roof damage, house leaks, gutter damage and more. This can be one of the biggest red flags for someone selling their home. It can show that, 1. If the gutters are not cleaned further inspection of roof and foundation are necessary. And 2. That if this vital preventative maintenance has not been kept up with, there is a good chance that many other regular maintenance’s have been neglected as well. To go one step further, over flowing gutters with stuff growing in them is never a good look. Your home is valuable, keep up with it!


We have chosen these four steps for home improvement for a few reasons. They can all be done within a day with a relatively low cost. You will see immediate improvements, and they are a necessity to maintaining your home’s integrity! With these four steps for home improvement you will revitalize your home, and have all your neighbors slowing down for second looks! Edwards Gutter Cleaning is here for all your exterior cleaning needs. Contact us today 913-359-7695.

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