Best Tools for Cleaning Gutters

Best tools for gutter cleaning

What are the best tools to clean out gutters?


The best gutter cleaning tools can differ, it depends on the house you are cleaning. The height, roof pitch, type of trees around, downspouts, landscape, and accessibility can all be factors. We are going to break it down as simply as possible in the upcoming paragraphs!

The video above Edwards Gutter Cleaning shows how they use these tools to clean out gutters!


A good starting point is a ladder (a little giant leveler is a very versatile option), a ladder stand-off, and water hose. You can clean majority of gutters with these three items, but the tools we talk about later can make your life a lot easier! The reason we use a ladder stand-off, which is something many people do not to, is to not damage your home’s gutters. If you pay attention to gutters around your neighborhood and you see dents in the gutters or scratched off paint, it is often a result of a ladder leaning against it. Not to mention having a stand-off provides much more stability and safety! The water hose is another necessity because this is the best way to confirm that water is flowing properly throughout the downspouts. If you clean the gutters, but do not flush the downspouts you could be side stepping the most important part.

Tools to make your life easier

After years of gutter cleaning some of the tools we always carry with us is a leaf blower, extending pole, gutter tool, 5 gallon bucket, heavy duty trash bags, and a drill. The extending pole and gutter tool are great pieces if your roof it too steep, or you do not feel comfortable walking on it. This allows you to minimize the times you move your ladder. The pole and tool allow you to pull the debris to yourself and maneuver it easily around the gutter hangers! The bucket and bags are optional, but the debris can be pretty gross, and most people do not want that on their well-manicured lawn. The drill, is something you will not need often, but when you do it can save you some bigger issues down the road. Unfortunately sometimes your downspouts are too clogged to flush out with water, so taking off the elbow piece is the only way to ensure it is clean. Or if your home has French drains, you need to remove the drain extension from the downspout so you do not flush any debris into the underground drains, which could back up in the future if the get too much debris in them.

Tools the pros cannot live without

When I first started cleaning gutters I was walking on the roofs in high school in my sneakers, completely unaware there was a exponentially safer option. Cougar paws. If you are a homeowner that is looking to clean out your gutters on your own for the next few years, this could be a worthwhile investment. They can be pricy, so it could just be easier to hire a pro. Basically Cougar Paws are a shoe, that mimics what roofers use daily. If you ever see a roofer, often times they are sitting on what looks like a large foam pad. This is exactly what cougar paws have on the bottom of their shoes. They grip the roof very well and can increase confidence and safety on a roof. These shoes have increased our efficiency and overall safety over the years. The other tool, which I just stumbled upon is toilet auger. In reality, it is very similar to your typical sewer snake, but I have found they are much more durable and provide more force and control. I have tried countless sewer snakes, fish-tapes, water hoses, coat hangers, and more. Nothing compares to a toilet auger, it allows you to get about 3-4 feet which is plenty to pass the elbow piece. This tool has saved me hours of time in the last few weeks and saves having to take apart the gutter to unplug!


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